The first call Project Horizon 2020

The European Commission has published the first call for projects of the research and innovation of the European Union, Horizon 2020, with more than 15,000 million euros for the first two years. The Action Programme 2014-2015, which seeks to promote the knowledge economy in Europe and address problems whose solution improves the lives of people, will focus in twelve priority areas, including intelligent transport sustainable, integrated.


Most of the calls for the industry are open from December 10, 2013 and others will be opened throughout the year in the Participant Portal.


Recall that the transport is included in the cornerstone of "social challenges" with a budget EUR 2 800 million for innovative projects that address the seven social challenges 2020, namely: health; agriculture, maritime economy and bio- economy; power; transport; climate action, environment, efficient use of resources and raw materials; reflective and security companies.