InTraRegio project

The InTraRegio project is a coordination action funded by "Regions of Knowledge" of the 7th Framework Programme.


The project brings together five European regions: Canary Islands (Spain), Bremen (Germany), Marmara (Turkey), Calabria (Italy) and Ruse (Bulgaria) in order to promote intermodal regional transport systems, encourage economic development, improve the capabilities and performance of the regions.


The regions are represented by 18 partners from government, research and industry sector. The project objective is achieved through a process of mutual learning, research in Logistics and Transport and partnerships between regions. A transnational strategy aimed at the assimilation of innovative assessments obtained is established. They turn to a new collaboration between regional actors and jointly discuss issues related to the transport sector.



The project will be implemented over a period of 36 months, four consecutive and complementary phases. For project management and dissemination the following horizontal activities are planned:


1. Establishment of a work program for the regions through a thorough analysis of the status of the five regions and a transversal analysis of existing regional research plans.

2. Joint R & D strategy and developing a joint action plan, including a business plan;

3. Mutual learning through staff exchanges, transnational courses and workshops, supporting the objectives set out in the Joint Action Plan;

4. Internationalization Strategy.




18 Partners:


Spain -Canary Islands:


1. Canary Islands Government (Coordinator)


2. Canario Cluster Transport and Logistics


3. Consultation Europe and Innovation Projects




4. Bremen Economic Development Corporation


5. University of Bremen


6. BLG Logistics Group


Turkey - East Marmara:


7. Development Agency East Marmara


8. Istanbul Technical University


9. Koç University


10. International Association of Carriers


Italy - Calabria:


11. Authority of Gioia Tauro Porth


12. University of Calabria


13. Logistics Ricerca e Sviluppo


14. Innova


Bulgaria - Ruse:


15. Executive Agency for Exploration and Maintenance of the Danube


16. University of Ruse


17. river transport in Bulgaria JSC (Bulgarian River Shipping JSC)


18. Holding EAD Bulgarian State Railways